Thursday, December 16, 2021

Long-term weather forecasting may need to take ocean currents into account


This is interesting, but very confusing in the logic.  They don't really mention carbon at all, but the phillies can extract what they want out of it, because it is so long and confusing.

However, sunspot guy may be happy because they go into solar flux changes.  And they like ocean currents.  

With this, we can say that the past warm cycle makes it more likely that we are going into a new Little Ice Age.  But I don't think this is sufficient.  Anyway, I like anything that has to do with ocean currents.  :)

ps.  this article just went with confusion to save themselves from the Phillie Inquisition, others have put on a disclaimer -'Although all past cycles were natural forces, this one is human-caused.'.  Period.

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