Monday, December 6, 2021

Batteries will always be hopeless for cars


I've been mentioning this for a long time.  I have hybrids which use the old nickel-metal hydride, and I love them.  A hybrid charges the battery slowly, while driving.  It has good physics, and recovers the energy from braking and hills.  The gas engine takes care of the winter, and the range is great.

The new batteries (of the full electric car) use lithium as the mobile ion, and must pile in a lot exotic metals in the cathode and anode.  Since I can never tell the difference, I just call them 'the ends'.  In order to charge, the ions must worm their way into the material of an end.  This takes time, and a better battery is full 3d with the ions going in like little birdies.  

But, speed and power density fight each other, along with the time factor.  Batteries will always be a niche for those who want to have a greener face, like spock.  

The fun of watching the rise and fall of warmies is that physics is coming down like a hammer, on their debates.  They are now changing the semantics again to accommodate, but it won't enough.  The world be extremely cold, but there always be a hot month in summer, due to stagnant winds.  Is this enough to sustain them?  Can the world be that stupid?  Probably.

They are now going for 'extreme weather', but this was the signature piece of the little ice age.  I can only laugh.

ps.  so for micro-chips we had good physics, the smaller the chip, the less time electrons took to move between gaps.  There was only the heat problem, which also went down as you used less electrons.

pps.  I wandered a bit here, blah.

more diversion - did you notice that microwaves are now twice as expensive?  

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