Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Primer on the Physics of Heat Flow, and Why There is No Global Warming - Part 1

If you corner a warmie, you'll never talk physics or math.  That's because all the so-called Climate Scientists are ex English Majors trying to make a living.  Their skill is convincing people that black is white, and they do it very well.

I have no audience for Basic Physics.  It is not a subject raised in intellectual circles.  Can you imagine talking to Trudeau about it?  Just like riding in elevators, everybody assumes that somebody else is taking care of it. 

My strength is Newtonian Physics, which is the physics of everyday things.  I apply it mostly to earthquakes, and buildings subjected to earthquakes.  All things follow F = Ma, or force equals mass times acceleration.  You can't get away from that basic thing, but people try to get away from other basic physics.

You can get away from physics until you reach a point where you have to do something or get something to work.  The same with Basic Logic.  It always fun to watch Great Schemes come crashing to earth when they actually launch them.  All the talking in the world, or endless debating doesn't help.

Specifically, we are talking about our past warming spell.  These cycles have happened countless times in geological history, but it was argued that this one was 'different'.  It is ever so with cycles.  Now, it is crashing, but people will argue that the past is greater than the present because of 'momentum'.  That's physics, but they pass it as 'making sense'.  So, although global temperatures are crashing, and Arctic ice is building, they talk about ''last year', or the previous twenty years.  It's kind of cute.

-- to be continued

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