Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Toronto School Bus Crash

It was empty.  No little kiddies hurt in the making of this movie.  I start fairly early with the little Toyota weaving in and out with no signals.  He then enters the intersection on a red light, and I think the school bus is a bit late.  Not saying anything, mind you.

Too bad my audio was off for the crash sound.

Driver of the bus had an airbag burn, but didn't want an ambulance.  No police will come unless an ambulance is called.  You have to go to the crash reporting centre, which is very near to that spot.  I have obscured everything for FB-quality privacy.  :)

ps.  The company is Switzer-Carty.  They have one of those massive screens so you can't contact them, and probably never read their form that doesn't really work.  If you know anybody there, give them this link.

pps.  The crazy form got through, and they thanked me.

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