Thursday, May 31, 2018

UK Weather - Clash of the Titans

I've never seen anything like this, it's amazing.  The Atlantic heat is giving up, and it is still extremely cold up in Greenland.  This cold air is now mixing with the left-over warm air, creating big thunderstorms.  The UK will have a cold June, just like the rest of us.  At some point, the lack of the Gulf Stream will have an effect.

I'm seeing indications of a 'Mini Ice Age' cycle, which is Elizabethan and involves the Thames freezing over.  It all depends on whether the Atlantic equatorial current latches to it's more southern position.  If it bounces back up north, then it's just a 20 year micro ice age.

I have asked on the Guardian if there are any formal statements from the 97% on this turn of events.  So far, there is nothing.

ps.  the official word from the Defenders of the Warmth, is that this downturn of temps is just a minor blip, and we'll soon see a return to longish-term rise. 

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