Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Primer on the Physics of Heat Flow, and Why There is No Global Warming - Part 6

We're going to get to the end, I promise.  When nasa talks about greenhouse gases and the carbon hypothesis, they wilfully ignore the elephant in the room, the Convection Elephant.

In reality, all the heat energy in the Earth is swirled around by convection.  It comes up from deep in the earth, and you get Hawaii.  Then there is solar heat, and that is moved around by oceans and the atmosphere.  The oceans contain and move heat energy orders of magnitude above the air.  Yet, it is the air that plays the final part in getting rid of excess heat.

It is amazing and God's Will, that we have had 'shirtsleeve' temperatures on the Earth for billions of years, ever since life began.  God's Will is the amazing collection of physical laws that we have to arrange this.  Now, again, you can turn this around by saying that if it weren't for those laws we wouldn't be around to discuss God's Will.  You can kill yourself thinking about this.  :)

Anyway, the world is a perfect heat pipe.  There is nothing you could do to upset this, nuclear war, big meteorite, the Silurian industrial revolution :).  It all settles down in a million years.


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