Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Dogs of Physics are Rising


Dolomites resorts have had to rely on snow machines since the 1980s, but now nature has finally done the job.

... and the dogs are going to gnaw on the bones of frozen warmies.  A month ago I stated in the Gard that it was going to get real cold.  They said I was nuts and it would always get warmer.  They refused to buy good winter coats!  Now, they are all frozen in snowdrifts, and food for the wolves. 

The browbeaten dogs of Physics should be coming out soon and devouring  them.  All the warmies had was 'The Trend' and now it has let them down.  Sad. 


Hundreds of schools to shut on Monday as more travel disruption likely.

However, those crazy Euries with their diesel cars are going to have trouble.  And the kids will have to learn physics out in the snow. 

Perhaps they have electric cars?  My son can't even cross the city in his, in the winter.  No more scarfing down our food.

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