Thursday, December 28, 2017

A tiny bit of heat may warm us up a little

This cold wave was much worse than they said, but I knew.  We have no heat energy in the northern hemisphere.  So, they are saying to endure a bit longer, then it will warm up.  Ha!

However, I see the chance of a bit of heat to warm our -20 to maybe a balmy -5.  Maybe not.

Here we can see our faint hope.  We've got both the chance of a Pacific and Gulf plume coming at us.  It will be a very tiny break, and the warmer air brings lots of snow.

All our climate is due to ocean currents, and it is sad that we have to freeze to death to realize this.  :)

Also, sad old UK may get a brush with heat, with a lot of snow.

ps.  Toronto will get a little warmer, but then temperatures will plunge as the Great Lakes freeze up.  May get a Lake Ontario freeze this year.  Lake Erie will have it's pressure ridges again.  The old company got a great video of that in the 1980's

Oh man!  I just found it.

This is fantastic!

pps.  oil and gas prices zooming.  I told everybody to buy futures.  This ice hell is our future!

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