Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Japan earthquake forecasts are bogus


I love this guy.  He knows how to spend his retirement years, and even gets published.  Everything to do with earthquakes in Japan is probably bogus, and even what this guy did.  :)  I love a guy who admits he was wrong.  I always admit I was wrong.  It's part of the Scientific Method.

Japan has politicized earthquakes, and politicians never admit they were wrong.  So, like warmies, they go on forever with discredited concepts.  Thus, they have a whole bureaucracy doing earthquake forecasts, and those guys aren't putting themselves out of a job.  If the 'warmie scientist-philosophers' ever admitted they were full of it, we could clear them all out, and bring in experimental physics people.  Like that's going to happen.  They got tenure, and are going to string out 'just a blip' for 10 years.  If it's 20 years, then we have the next cycle.

Back to stupid Japan.  They put a big store into earthquake prediction, instead of putting everything on piles, and locating backup generators on the top.  They even got 'early warning' which doesn't work for Kobe-type earthquakes.  And, like warmies, they can go on forever being constantly wrong.  We had departments like that in the old company -- "We were bad in the past, but now we're good."

This is the time of year when we go all forecasty.  All my 'predictions' of last year were wrong, except maybe the cold thing, which I don't think I did.  I never remember, and never look it up.  I'll make up some new ones in January.  :)

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