Thursday, November 30, 2017

Canada about to release new digital currency - Canabits


This will be amazing (it's fake news).     The currency will be issued at value of $1 cdn, but is expected to zoom up to a million in a week, as the Chinese find out aboot it.  It will be encrypted, based on a particular moose call, and beaver tail slap.

Soon, we will be paying for our Canadabis with our Canabits.  We'll leave the trumpystates and sunderedbritain in the dust!

ps.  Come on, Justin, do this!  We are the best miners in the world, all the water resources of Quebec can be used for it, and it will be protected by the crypto-smarts of Canadian banks.  And unlike oil, it does not warm us up.  :)

pps.  Every Canadian will be issued with 10 Canabits. 

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