Friday, November 10, 2017

Suggested Gifts for the Coming Cold Decade

Our ocean currents are going into a new cycle.  The old one led people to believe that we were warming and they made up that whole carbon dioxide thing.  These people will go on for another year, freezing to death and claiming it's 'only a blip'.

Cold Winter

Give your favourite warmie friend a nice scarf.  Buy a coffee roaster like I did and stay indoors.  Watch both interest rates and natural gas bills go up.  If you are giving the gift of a family vacation, pick a spot right on the Equator.

Cold Spring

We like the concept of poly-tunnels for the garden.  You can give your gardener a kit.

Cold Summer

This summer, all the rage will be full-length neoprene bathing suits.  You'll have extra money for gifts because air conditioning costs will be down.

Cold Fall

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters.

ps.  I was so dang cold this morning with what I thought was my best stuff, that I immediately ordered a heavy parka from ammie.

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