Monday, November 6, 2017

Etobicoke Leaf Pick-Up

Oh, we in Etobicoke are so lucky!  We're the only place in Toronto to get curb-side leaf pick-up because of our very heavy leaf load.  You can see the leaf pickup going by.  They used to have a huge truck and about 8 men.  Now it's a pickup and one guy.

How is this cost saving possible?  By doing the leaf pick-up before the leaves have fallen.  THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS!

Our civic leaders have stashed all their money in the Cayman Islands with the Queen.  It's actually a big truck and 8 guys on the invoice.  :)  Just kidding!  Nobody is corrupt in Ontario.  However, I have always found that being corrupt or being stupid is the same thing.

ps.  Dec 1, they did come back with a real crew.  Every year it's the same, they come too early, and swear they'll never come back.  Everybody ignores them, puts the leaves illegally on the street, and they come back.

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