Monday, November 13, 2017

Iran Earthquake - Standard Blind Thrust

In this neck of the woods, mountains are there for a reason.  It is a sign of compression.  It gets a lot worse up in the 'stan' countries.  So you have mountains and you have valleys.  The mountains are the footwalls of thrust faults, and the valleys are the chewed-up hanging walls.  It's the same geometry around Toronto.

This shows the pure thrust.  In the hanging wall (the valley) you would get very high ground motion as measured by peak ground velocity (PGV).  But I'm sure there aren't any instruments here.

You can see there is light reinforcement in the concrete columns and floor slabs.  This may have saved a lot of lives.  In the Armenia earthquake, no steel meant that everything went to powdered rubble.  However, the only way to really tell how well the buildings did is to get a reading of the PGV.  Without instruments, we learn nothing here.


kushal kumar said...

As regards 19 November 2017 or little earlier when planet X also known as Nibiru is predicted to be striking earth , while there could be usual major worrisome events in one or other country but this writer does not see any major doom for world involving chunk of nations. A massive earthquake of 7.3 magnitude on Iran-Iraq border on 13 November 2017 could be construed by some as evidence of Nibiru doing the trick .
However , there are major worrisome concerns in involving chunk countries in the coming year 2018. Predictions of alerts for some countries calling for more care and appropriate strategy have been issued by this Vedic astrology writer in October 2017 , some have been published while some are scheduled to be published on 1 December 2017. Briefly speaking , two months of July -August in 2018 look to this writer of major worrisome concern covering WW3 , catastrophic quakes , floods , hurricanes , health hazards , epidemics , racial or ethnic major concerns , food shortages , economic collapse or major economic concerns trending in several countries . Having said that , it may be known that more care and appropriate strategy by human beings , if brought to play , there can be some relief.

Harold Asmis said...

OMG, I got a Nibiru comment! Now, if you want to believe in this, then good for you! You can also believe in carbon dioxide heating the Earth. However, any more of this gets deleted so you are wasting your time.