Thursday, December 17, 2020

State of the Oceans - December 20, 2020

 I hope you are ready for Kovid Kris Kringle.  We just had one pair of kids going through quarantine, they'll leave and another pair comes in.  Glad we didn't downsize the house yet.

We open up with the totally weird tropical plume map.  The cold Pacific has stopped sending us high-energy air.  No plume is getting up into the Arctic region.

You can't imagine how bad this is for warmy-ism, and for those English Majors who didn't get a warm coat from the thrift store.  In Canada, we are getting very weak plumes that are just sending down weak clippers.  

The latest ocean currents show that nothing has changed, and the Pacific is still sucking up a huge amount of cold water from Antarctica.  I suppose that might make things warmer at the South Pole, so we'll get some good warmy articles about that.

No plumes hitting the North Pole has meant rapid freezing.

The slope of this curve shows the ice accumulation rate.  Naturally, the warmies have concentrated on the rest of the curve which started very low because of a totally bizarre Pacific current.  Never seen that, and probably never will again.  The historic plots start to bend at the max, but this year should go through the rest.

The radar shows a nice snow storm out East.  60 cm in the mountains.  New York City has to get out the push-brooms.  Neat.

That's all folks!


Everybody should just kill themselves, but cremation throws out too much carbon, since people are the #1 carbon storage.  :)  Or maybe we should just huddle under a blanket in the snow.

pps.  and forget Christmas, it's cultural appropriation from the ancient Romans.


Penny said...

thanks for the updates :)
how goes the new game?
I think hubby is interested in it... but won't get it.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, I'm now in 'advanced training', and I'll be there for a while. It's free if you have the hardware for it, but mostly a high speed line, and some old controller that you can beat a kid for.