Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fancy New Furnace


We are headed into an ice age.  Whether it is a mini cycle like the 70's or big one like the Little Ice Age, we don't know.  We have no history with all the spiffy satellite measurements.  This is one thing the warmies don't tell you, the satellites haven't been there forever.  They just ignore history, but I try to incorporate it into the physics.

Installed by my fav -- LB Heating, it's a work of technical genius.  My old one was starting to scream with failed bearings, but it always shook the house when it was on.  It only had one power level.  In this sort of near-freezing weather, it would blast for 5 minutes and stop.  

The new one has multiple levels, and it starts self-adjusting after 18 hours.  It's so quiet!

Anyway, for an ice age, it's 97% efficient and can really turn up the power when it's 30 below, which we will get soon.  

In another 5 years of increasing cold, some of the fence-sitting warmies will give up.  The hard-core will give up when Trump does.  Don't forget that they face a shattering economic fall from grace, so they will just try to hide.  In Canada we can take the ice age because of natural gas.  We can burn the solar cells and windmills for warmth.  :)  You still need an air conditioner for July.

ps.  just talked to my brother in Ottawa and he regrets getting just a two speed.

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