Monday, December 14, 2020

Google Stadia works well with Linux


I'm quite amazed, but it means that the browser is sufficient to run these games.  For me, I can't get beyond the first training gate, but I'm sure I'll get through one day.

I'm using an old xbox1 controller, but playing this game, or any game, instantly flares my sciatica which is normally dead.  Something about the tension.

So I'm trying to get it to work on the 4k tv, with an android box.  My old box has a ridiculous lag time, so I'm renovating with a new powerful box and new ethernet cable.  These android boxes have gone down in price tremendously.   I'm getting a new one at half the price of the old one.

With the cable, I have found a tremendous difference in speed with the new ugreen Cat7 cables on ammie, over my old cat6.  As well, it matters that you put the high-speed stuff all on the same 1G switch.  Makes a huge difference if one is on the router hub.  If you need multiple high-speed connections you might want a new switch since it turns out that the old ones can only support one stream at the 1G speed.

Threading a new cable through the basement is easy, since you just tape on the new cable and pull back the old one.  La La!

Waiting for my deliveries today.  Then I can play lying on my stomach in the tv room.  Hopefully, my back will be okay.  Right now, you can try Google Stadia for free for a couple of months.  Games are good for old folks, keeps the alzies away.

ps.  tested with direct fiber to the home.  

pps.  all those recommended android tv boxes are cheaper because they don't include optical audio without telling anyone.  You have to look closely.  I returned the first one.  I just don't believe it!

more:  and now the UK is blaming us for the cold.  Look at the Gulf Stream you ninnies!

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