Saturday, December 5, 2020

Toronto: Finding the last Christmas tree

 So Mr Grinch said:  'No way we're going out there to fight for a Christmas tree.  We got this nice tiny lit artificial Birch tree.  Maybe I'll throw some boughs around from the back.  We're supposed to stay home.'

And the little Cindy-Lou Who-bunch cried out:  'Get a real tree you Grinch!'.  We were up north of Toronto Thursday and looked all over.  We asked the locals:  "Nope, all the trees are gone."

Today, on Saturday, we looked for a Christmas tree farm.  They rolled up all their signs and dug themselves underground.  But we had the equivalent of the Uber Super Charge.  One guy chopped all the trees on his property and was selling them on a construction lot.  $20 a foot.  And he only had 12 foot ones.

So, we finally zoomed into the local Home Depot.  We bought a 7 foot for $40, but they were all farm-wrapped, so we took a chance.  I'm waiting for it to drop.


ps.  the kids in California said that all trees are gone.  They also have to buy them totally dead, since they warm up before they can suck in water.  They should put water bags on them.


Penny said...

I've got an artificial tree and it's coming along quite nicely.

Lots of real trees for sale round these parts..

Don't be a scrooge- or a grinch

Penny said...

will the global temps be out soon?
I'm curious.

Harold Asmis said...

Global temps come out from 6 to 11th of the month.