Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Polar Vortex Stepping on Global Temperatures

All the climate-people are saying that this a 'cold snap' caused by the Dreaded Polar Vortex.

I'll go with that because I have decided to go with 'Nasa Physics', and abandon my foolish desire to stick to 'Newtonian Physics'.  That guy is long dead.

In nasa physics, cold energy can flow.  That is how the polar vortex is considered a thing, like Godzilla stomping on Tokyo.

The global temperatures have skidded along the bottom, like roadkill.   I was expecting a big plunge, but you can see that the southern hemisphere is doing a good job.  Doesn't help the North, though.

When the Polar Vortex has had its fill of eating our heat, then maybe we can plant tomatoes.

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