Friday, April 6, 2018

Arctic ice volume making its move to cross lanes

I always wait for this plot.  I think ice volume is a better measure of global warming than ice extent.  After all, the big ice sheets, about to descend on us, have volume!  :)

If you click on the graph and look at this month, you see the race car is swerving into the lanes.  I use these analogies because I embrace Nasa Physics, which must look good, above all.  Since I am so cold here in Toronto, and warmth is never coming, I predict that next month, and the months after, the line will crash right into the middle and give us 1970 ice volumes.  The polar bears will be so happy! 

And we can blame the new ice age on the crash of the Toronto housing market.  Who will want to come here now?  Big Ammie will want to pick someplace warmer.  :)

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