Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Old age home in Toronto becomes a set for 'Big Bang'

That is now a permanent sign.  It only needs the caution tape.  This is a fantastic old guy place, but they don't fix the only elevator in the building.  Then you have to take a long fire corridor with heavy doors to the next building and use their elevator.  Which has a tendency to over-heat.

I don't mind for myself, but this is for the old guy.  It's a bitch to get him off the floor and go for a coffee.

This is Humber Heights in Etobicoke.  Such a nice place, but they live on selling luxury rooms to rich people.  If you are a rich old guy, then have mercy on the long-term people.  Say you won't move in until they fix that elevator. 

In fact, act like you are old and book a tour.  Say you want to see the big bang set with the permanently closed elevator.  They'll say they are waiting for a part from Germany... blah, blah.....

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