Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ocean currents changing due to carbon - Warming is cooling the oceans


It turns out that the ocean currents, which are a million times more energetic than the atmosphere, are being turned off by carbon warming.  The mechanism which rivals nasa physics in its simplicity is that the warming is melting the glaciers and the Arctic ice.  This is cooling the oceans and stopping the Gulf Stream.

Next, we'll have carbon affecting plate tectonics, and perhaps the orbit of the Earth.  We can only hope.  With this much power, its no wonder that I'll never oppose nasa physics.

Newtonian physics might have said something about the tail wagging the dog, but we know that is common, according to social physics.

I'm going to bed.

ps.  as I have said before, expect a lot of 'Cooling is Warming' stories.

pps.  The Guardian weighs in.

They have neglected to mention that all the cold water hitting the Gulf Stream is going around Greenland, and coming from the Arctic.

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