Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tor Project


I use it all the time even though I am as pure as the driven snow.  The more people use it, the more it hides vulnerable people.  I also donate regularly and I just won a prize!

Think of Iran and how they are arresting everybody and their dog who mentioned the plane crash on the internet.  They want to line up a whole bunch of scapegoats and shoot them.  And would anybody say that putinizer wants to rule forever?  No. 

In Iran and Russia they need this, as well as Turkey, and a lot of other countries.  No matter how much censorship there is, we find a way around it.  Can't wait until muskie-net is up and running.  Cut that off, pootine!


Penny said...

Hey geofish

Tor is most likely not all it's supposed to be or alleged to be...
In fact it's like a tool for spooks, made by other spooks or spook agencies

not sure about the anonymity, though I'm sure you are as pure as the driven snow- no doubts there!

Penny said...

btw: have you seen how cold it is west of us?!

electricity use over the top.
from Saskatchewan, Alberta, thru to BC
cold, cold, cold

Harold Asmis said...

Spooks need their privacy, too.

Harold Asmis said...

Also, the project is now 'open source', and it becomes 'unspookable' with increased traffic and a few more digits on the encryption. Didn't you hear the British spooks complaining about 'onion sites' and encryption in general. Not like the good old days when the French telephone lines all went into a mysterious building. :)