Thursday, January 9, 2020

Double-Whammy Storm for Toronto

Was planning to go to Huntsville for the weekend.  Not now.

These are the tropical plumes for the past 5 days.  A cold blast pushed away the warm air, and then another plume sucked up Gulf warmth, while still having a northern storm.  These two things are going to meet and explode over Toronto.

Weather people have finally stopped saying 'Polar Vortex' every time it gets cold.  That's because a big scientific paper, with physics, said it was all tropical plumes.  Now we wait for them to extend this to the Jet Stream.  It was weather people talking dramatic nonsense tha allowed the dramatic carbonistas.

Today we may get the global temps.  I can get a feeling for the results by looking at the slope of the ice volume curve.  We should see things colder in the North.

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