Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Another Tessie Sudden Death Syndrome

The same friend of a friend had another tessie total failure on the highway.  He probably pushes the tank and believes the gauges when it is 20 below.

His Muskness should implement the reserve system on our first VW bug in the fifties.  That was a wonderful thing that had the gas cap under the hood, so if you spilled gas you reeked of gas for the next 100 miles.  No gas gauge but if the car suddenly stopped, you had to open the hood and pull a lever to activate the reserve tank that got you to the next gas station.

Now that was a great example of human engineering.  I know lots of people who push the gauge to fumes, and go right to the end of the gas.  Car makers know this and still have some gas left when the car is screaming 'empty'.

Obviously, tessie thought its drivers are smarter than the average bear, and left this out.  It will die on you in cold weather.  I'm hoping they will be the first to put in a methanol fuel cell and tiny tank, just like the old vw reserve.

ps. I've decided to be more positive now, and not make fun of people with a religious point of view of everything.  So, nothing more on solar panels covered with snow, electric cars frozen up, temperatures rising when they are falling.  These are all sincere people.

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