Monday, January 13, 2020

Data Shaving

For global temperatures, the satellite results treat a pixel of ocean the same as a pixel of land.  Then it is all averaged.  But that shows that global temps have been flat for years.  Not good for the warmies.

So they invented a totally bizarre data set.  This one must cut out all the land.  The amount of effort is incredible, but anything goes for the carbonistas.  The ocean temps lag the global temps because it takes a while longer to warm up (or cool down), and they can party like it's 2015!

I have no doubt they are correct in everything they say.  But, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  No way.

ps.  This is what I predicted, but I am amazed at the degree of effort to cover up the flat-lining of carbon warming, just like the death of General Franco.  They can't even shave to the southern hemisphere in summer, because that isn't doing much.  Can't wait for the next thing.  Every day they delay, is another penny in the pot (for them).

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