Friday, January 24, 2020

WARS Full-Blown Panic

I have dubbed the virus WARS, standing for Wuchan ain't really SARS.

Canada has now implemented the WARS Measures Act, which is the dredged up SARS procedures.

A mask is totally useless, but we have a mask panic.  Soon, nobody will go to the Mandarin.


These DON'T PANIC! articles are written by those involved with SARS.  They are all good people.  Soon we will have gov't PR people writing the same thing.  They think they have credibility.

A while ago, every single organization in the world (universities, gov't, whatever) gave up credibility to go through PR departments.  These are the people who are trained to stone-wall media reporters.  At the same time, the media gave up all street-cred by just publishing PR stories, since they all went near-bankrupt due to the internet.  Now, there is nobody who can stop a panic.

My formerly favourite investigative newspaper - the Manchester Guard was starving so they went all out on climate anxiety.  Can anxiety-gouls stop a panic?  Nope.

I was hot on this when the old company went to total PR after technical managers screwed up media interviews.  The media just cut things out of context.  I said we could never stop a nuclear panic now.  That's life.

ps.  adding some physics, the worst thing you can do is to nervously rub your eyes.  Then the virus goes right down the tubes into the sinus.  You couldn't think of a better to administer the virus, if you wanted to.  So, the best thing to wear on the subway is a pair of swim goggles.  :)

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