Thursday, January 23, 2020

WARS Measures Act

I have been informed that there is total panic in the downtown streets of Toronto.  Everybody read my blog on this.  I am sorry I'm so popular.  :)

There is no need to panic.  Total disasters like SARS happened because the leaders are always idiots and fighting the last war.  I have come up with an infinite series of likely disasters, and if they haven't happened in living memory, they don't do anything.  We have that built into society.

There is no rational assessment of the odds, no preparations, etc.  But, right now, this is the last war, fresh in living memory.  We must trust the idiots to act like trained monkeys and do the right thing.

The last time everything was done wrong.  We allowed super-spreaders to wander in movie theatres and mass meetings like zombies eating brains.  The first responders met them in t-shirts.  Lots of people died.  But now we are treating this like Ebola in the world.  Nobody is coming to Toronto and spreading Ebola all over the place.

China has quarantined the source city, or the world would soon have closed off all of China.  This is standard Ebola procedure.  Sooner or later someone will come to Toronto with WARS but we hope they are met properly.  As of now, not one single virus has hit the city.

Do not loot stores and smash windows to get a mask.  This is apparently already happening.  Mask rationing has been implemented (a fact).  I'm expecting to see $1000 a mask on ebay soon (not a fact).  Take a deep breath and go on the subway without a mask.  Follow standard flu procedures of cleaning your hands often, and never touch your face, pick your nose or bite your finger nails.  These ways are 90% more likely than just breathing because your nose is pretty good at filtering.

Last time, a super-spreader touched an elevator button and somebody else died.  This can only happen if you eat or touch your face with contaminated hands.  A mask does not stop this.

ps.  has now hit the main news.


pps.  DON'T PANIC!

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