Sunday, January 12, 2020

Pickering Nuclear Incident - North Wind

Just now, on the phone, we have a Pickering Nuclear alert.  Do not get out of bed, don't worry because we have a North Wind.  

Pickering is always on the edge of disaster.  But we'll soon have bland, talking heads to calm everyone down.

Anyway, I've already written about the one in 10,000 chance of a big earthquake, and total meltdown of Pickering.  This isn't it.  The worst would be a steam leak of radioactive elements and the north wind takes care of that.  No radiation will touch any people

If you are out in the water during a winter storm, you have other problems.

ps. whoops, do people actually live on the other side of Lake Ontario?  :)

pps.  All of this is the fine technical corruption of a vicious hierarchy.

Pearl Harbour -  it's just a supply flight
Bowling - make that plane fly or we kill you
Diesel - make it pass or we'll kill you
Missile - put it on 'Soviet Auto'
Climate - keep those temperatures going up

Technical people scream but nobody hears them.

final - all is calm, we'll never know the gory details

Ha, 'sent in error'!  I'll bet it was sent for real, but since radioactivity didn't cross the fence line, they can bury it.

pps.  look up 'toronto earthquake' on my search.  I've given up flogging that dead horse.

endlessness - hot on the heels of this 'thing', they want to extend another year.  Yeah!  Balls.

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