Saturday, August 10, 2019

Canadians to starve to death, by staying warm

Not going to be our problem.  It's ironic that at some point, we must celebrate the discovery of winter wheat.  That's what stopped us from starving to death.  Also, there was the discovery of making ammonia.  That also stopped us from starving to death.  When we are enjoying super hot summers, we are not starving to death over our Pina Coladas.

But, we are not warm.  Our seasons have gone back to the original two:  Winter and July.  And not even the whole of July, perhaps just two weeks.

Right now I am watching the Gales of November on the lake.  There are huge whitecaps, and I must hide once in a while from freezing sunshowers.  Not my idea of summer.

ps.  No matter how miserable our summers will be from now on, we can laugh at the UK right now.

That looks like a winter storm they are dealing with.  I love it because they are the 'Heart of Darkness' when it comes to destroying the Scientific Method.  Everything is a debate now.  As well, the trumpies want to Preach Hate and make money, so they've picked sunspots, and conspiracies.  All us average people will just freeze.  Sad.

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Penny said...

Sadly Geofish, it's going to be lost on most people that if Canada was actually warmer we could produce a heck of a lot more food.

We could have a couple of growing seasons- or a super extended one- whichever way you want to look at it?

It's moronic to push this idea "of starving if it's warm" and yet.... there it is.