Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Warmyism begins to crack

Sudbury was lamenting the effects of a long, harsh winter, it was affecting house sales.

and amazingly we have this article by the CBC.  It essentially says that cold air is caused by cold air.


First of all, it mentions the very cold air.  And it never mentions carbon warming.  This is a first!  But that's all they'll say, because of the warmie gun to their heads.  Then they say this cold is only a random thing, that it will get warm again.  Ha!  But they don't go into any physics or charts, or cause. 

The warmies will go that 'Arctic melting' is causing the Godzilla Jet Stream to rise up and hit us.  I like that one.


Anonymous said...

"We think it's likely ... that it's just random chaotic variability" LOL I knew it !

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah for Chaos.