Thursday, August 29, 2019

Carbon Dioxide Curve is Flattening

There is a good hypothesis that global ocean warming will raise co2.  This could be tested, but it won't be.  On the reverse, global cooling will affect the trend.

So, you take the edge of a piece of paper and apply it along the curve.  You can see in the 60's we may have gone up to an exponential of 2, that is a quadratic.  As we go more recent, we can put the edge on a longer section, and it is linear.

A magnification of the recent years shows that the linear slope may be flattening.  The English Majors of No Math, will fall back on the fact that it is still rising. 

This is not a trumpie or warmie pronouncement.  It is just interesting, and is a good hypothesis for further testing.

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