Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Gales of November Come Early - Cottage Report August 8, 2019

We followed the cold front all the way to the cottage.  Now it has stopped raining and it's dang chilly.  I hope we don't need a fire.  We are supposed to be in the 'Dog Days of Summer', not freezing.  Anyway, I can keep warm burning all the news from the warmies.  Such a fuss over one-day heatwaves, and dried-up glaciers.

You can see the cold air swooping down on us.  We have to hope that a little more warmth comes up from the Gulf.

ps. I was reading about California beaches disappearing, and the idea of 'retreat'.  The house owners go nuts at that word.  But Callie is a tectonic soup, some places go up and some down.  They all think it's massive glaciers melting, but it's their own tectonics.  Maybe they need an earthquake to get their minds off the beaches.  :)

pps.  this week the warmies were taking credit for all floods, all droughts, and airplane turbulence.  Amazing.

Friday - nasty storms hitting, quite cold air hitting us.

Saturday - cool but sunny, looks like warm Gulf air will come in for a day.

Sunday - warm and windy, can't put up the shade tent on the dock.  Looks to be the last hot day of the year.  Caught quite a few bass with a good fight on my tiny rod, but they all went back

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Penny said...

Interesting that this a.m when we got up at just past 5 am the home weather station recorded 60F or 15.5 C
As of 6:10 am the home weather station is recording the temp at 56.5 F or 13.6 C
Though it's getting lighter (sun is rising) the temp has dropped a fair bit in just over an hour.