Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Ocean current report - Aug 5, 2019

The  main value in these charts is to observe the changing patterns.  In terms of heat energy, these ocean current movements are orders of magnitude above anything else.  That's the trouble when people point out carbon or sun spots, they don't compare with the other processes.  This is a horrible error in physics, but who needs physics anyway, when we've got the media?

The Atlantic had it's fun giving us warmth, and now it is moving the heat back south.  A fun winter.  There is enough heat in the Caribbean for a few hurricanes, and the warmies will have fun.  Drought, flooding and storms are all a part of uniform warming -- yeah.

That's why I like showing these charts, there is no 'smoking gun'.  All the charts have to be looked at over a period of time.  The Pacific reversal is now stopped, it used to extend over the whole ocean.  All our temperatures are determined by the dynamics of the ocean systems.  If physics were back in fashion, it would be easy to show.

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