Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Arctic ice volume - strongest inflection change, ever

My old guy lambasted me for being inscrutable.  He says I think too fast for anybody, and things just zoom over their heads.  I don't mind that, otherwise I'd be in FB all the time, and the warmie heavy guns would be after me.  As it is, I am safely buried with the other cranks.

All the media is now full of 'ice minimum' stories, mainly using the worse projections and saying that all the Arctic ice will vanish at the September minimum.

But, the chart has made a tremendous change of curvature (2nd derivative) .  Now, I don't expect anybody to know calculus, but this is a big deal.  Could you see a warmie mentioning calculus?  Or energy balance, heat flow, convection.  Nope, it's all selective facts, and 'just so' stories.  That's how you make money.

The point is that I couldn't convince my own dog, using the warmie rules of debate.  All I can do is stay with the Scientific Method, and let others suffer the consequences of leaving it.  If I had money, then I would put out my hypothesis, and test it.  It would pass or fail.  If it failed, I would lose my entire scientific career and be on the streets begging for more money.  Very pitiful.  :)


Penny said...

I looked at the curve it's headed up and it looks to be a strong turn if it continues on it's 'trajectory' (path or course) that's just from looking at the image- I know nothing of calculus- not many people do.

Inflection- change?

Harold Asmis said...

Calculus is a forbidden topic, like basic physics. Never admit to it. :)