Tuesday, August 6, 2019

After the El Nino, global temperatures start to fall

Yeah, the warmies are against physics.  Physics always wins in the long term because you can freeze to death.

This is the new month global temperature chart.  Global temps have shed off the EN, and are falling.

A zoom of the chart shows the big 2016 en, and the effect of our recent long and low en.

But the north polar chart is amazing, since this is the dang summer.

So we can expect lots of ice this year for the polar bears.

The US chart shows weird things, like big peaks in January, but our summer has been generally average over the past 2 years.

ps. our UK friends should get used to this plume pattern, straight east.  The Gulf Stream used to have influence to raise the plumes to hit the UK.  Now, it is eternal winter.


Penny said...

thanks for the updates!

Harold Asmis said...

Prepare for cold! :)