Friday, August 16, 2019

New Kansas earthquake and injection zone

Since they are practically giving away natgas, it's rare to see this.  Basically, some injection guy wants to make more money and he allows natgas frack waste.  This water is fresh, and agressive to the quartz in the deep rocks.  Soon earthquakes follow and he says "Wasn't me".

If I cared any more, then I would zoom with Googs on that spot and I would see an injection site.  La la.  Soon the old ladies around that zone will hit the guy with their canes.  Injection and earthquakes will stop.  Nobody will tell what they did.

ps.  another m4.  Those ladies that lose their Royal Dalton are going to kill him.

pps.  I did look, but the earthquakes are scattered due to poor seismometer coverage, and I couldn't find anything.  Probably means the injection site is new.

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