Sunday, August 18, 2019

Ocean current report - Aug 16, 2019 -- The Arctic Current Returns

Not too shabby.  Last week I said it was at a minimum, and now there appears to be greater strength.  Of course, I may be seeing things, since there may not be enough floaters for this type of resolution.  In a couple of months we'll see a big difference.

This is the current that the warmies say is from all the melting ice of Greenland.

Greenland ice is dancing in the streets.  All those articles are from the one day it was warm.  Can't they have one warm day without all the commotion?  They are always measuring the salinity from this current, but the data records are hiding in warmie-land.  You would probably see high salinity for the current, the exact opposite of warmie fantasy.  nasa is probably sitting on it, just like they are sitting on anybody who says the ice is fine.

The problem with the ice sheets here and in Antarctica is that you can't penetrate the whole thing with radar and get a volume.  So, when the ice surges and breaks up on the sea you can't tell if it is just shedding excess weight.  Warmies see all that ice going into the ocean as 'melting', and raising sea levels.  Another great victory for anti-physics.  

So, if the UK has no summer, and a horrible 20 below winter, will that mean anything?  If world temps crash to the bottom, will the faith be broken?  No.  I have great faith in the power of faith, especially if money is involved.  Expect more stories like nasty jet streams and 'warming means cooling'.   Looking forward to it.

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