Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Dead Gulf Stream Finally Makes the News


Yeah, it has finally been mentioned in the popular press.  I knew they could never mention it unless the fact could be blamed on the climate crisis.  Now they are making things up like the melting glaciers of Greenland, and the wandering jet stream.  None of which is correct, but it sounds good.

Of course they don't mention that no GS means a frozen UK, but what the heck?

I'm just glad it has been mentioned, and those nasa guys have been pulled off monitoring growing Greenland glaciers.  As long as nobody studies them, it can be assumed they are fading away.

This is not a conspiracy.  This is just everybody jumping on a bandwagon that makes them lots of money.

And although a hotter Florida, it means a colder north -- not mentioned.  It's not even a hotter Florida, if people would look at the mechanism, they just make stuff up.

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