Monday, May 23, 2022

No lithium, no tritium.


The solar cells are all made by slave labour in China.  That same labour mines lithium, which is mostly a Chinese monopoly.  Now, we have a tritium shortage for fusion.

The yearly output of wind turbines in Ontario is 26% of rated capacity.  That's not enough to keep up with wear and tear, which is high with these things.

In Toronto, solar cells do an average of 50% of capacity, but peak output never hooks with peak demand, even for a house with solar cells.  The only solution is to buy a lithium battery, but those go out fast, and cannot be recycled.  So, useful capacity is probably 10%.

Our wonderful philosophers (phillies and warmies) preach a good sermon on 'sustainable' power, but it doesn't exist if you count the cost of maintenance, and world security concerns.  All our 'savings' from wind and solar go to fighter jets.

Although world temperatures are diving, the group-think (urban myth) can go on for a long time.  Big heat waves still occur, even though they are shorter.  They can barely pack the place with reporters before its over, then all those people have to fly to next heat wave.  Think of the carbon!

If you want to stick to the laws of physics, then carbon dioxide has no effect in a convective atmosphere.  The heating only works in bottles.  However, the phillies have great hope that the laws will change.

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