Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tornadoes hit Toronto


That coloured blob is now heading to the cottage.  blah.  Lots of trees down around us, and the bigger evil twin sister is coming down the road.

I'm only able to report because we have power, even though something is sizzling up the road.  I'm sure worse areas can't report because of no power.

This is not 'climate change'.  The severity is dependent on the contrast between hot and cold.  Since the hot was fairly normal, it going to be the cold.

ps.  now there will be endless discussion on how these weren't tornadoes, but 'blowdowns' etc.  Who cares?

pps.  Yeah!  the next storm is being shoved under us by the cold air.  You freeze, and no branches hit you.

more:  now it feels like snow.

even more:  we're saved from a late frost by a curl of the North Atlantic plume.

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