Tuesday, May 17, 2022

State of the oceans - May 17, 2022

 Ocean currents dated May 16.

The Pacific has become unbelievably cold.  It has never been like this, since the good maps came out at about 2015.  This is so far beyond 'La Nina', it makes me laugh at the warmies.  They can't see the big smash coming because they are self-absorbed.  The Atlantic looks very weak, so we can't expect it to save us.  

The world temps are holding flat, which I find amazing.  I really expect them to dive.  I just like registering these observations so, when they lift their heads, there will be a history.  Group-think can only end in disaster because there's no other way to end it.  Without a disaster, it goes on forever, always feeding on itself, like the mythical snake eating its tail.  I just love to watch it and laugh.  I would never stand in front of the tanks of stupidity.

A quick summary:  After a successful flim-flam with the ozone thing, noosa decided they could do the same with 'climate change'.  They took the concept of a greenhouse gas from Venus and applied it to the Earth.  After that, they could never back down, and doubled-up all the time.  I can't envision any type of cold cycle that would knock them off their horse.  No matter if all of Europe freezes like the 'Little Ice Age', they will talk their way out of it.  This is true dogma.  As well, the ozone holes could get bigger than ever (temperature dependent), and the PR department will get down and dirty.  Good luck to them.

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