Sunday, May 1, 2022

Another cold air glacier coming down like a knife to the gut


Yeah, it's nice to always blame these things after the fact, on the dancing jet stream.  But this is pure physics.  All winter these glaciers have come down unopposed, but the pattern is changing.  The last one was diverted away from Texas and smacked the US northeast.  It's still pouring down on them.

This new one is also against slashing Pacific plumes raising Gulf plumes.  It may squeeze between them or be totally stopped.  I still give it 80% it will raise natgas prices and make our lives miserable.  We just have to wait.

ps.  to those new to physics, we have little heat energy in the oceans, which is the start of a long ice cycle, or 'little ice age'.  This condition gives us long, cold winters, and short, intense summers, since the ocean plumes or 'breezes' moderate temperature.  The story-tellers will rest in winter, and come out in force in the summer.  

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