Monday, May 2, 2022

Ocean currents - May 2, 2022

 Ocean currents dated May 1.

Today, we must look for any possible reasons why the Pacific temperatures are up a little, and we have a weak candidate.

The straight temps are showing a nice warm spot in the East Pacific.  The temp anomaly map isn't impressed.

However, the mimic 'high energy air' map is showing some fine detail.

The world temps chart has a few bumps since 2016.  I've come to associate them with unusual patterns in the Pacific.  Mainly, signs of a lot of little vortexes.  We are close here.  If such a mechanism develops then we get a major bump in the world temps.  I would love to drop an airplane down into one of these (if we get any more), since I suspect there is some heat funneling going on.  One of these spots generates 10 times the heat of the passive equatorial ocean.  We need physics!

Most likely, this one will poof out.  blah.

Whoops, forgot the ocean current video.

The Pacific current is mostly disorganized.

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