Thursday, February 29, 2024

The world gives up on electric cars


I think we can put the shovel of dirt on this.  I said it was physically impossible and it was.  Now, we go on to the hundreds of other things that are physically impossible.  

Wind mills, solar, and ev's never saved a speck of carbon.  That's because they all caused more 'carbon pollution than they ever saved.  Could you run a solar cell factor on solar power?  No.

The leftwingers always go strong on something, and never consider the long-term consequences.  It's not in their nature.  They go out and protest the 'Tyranny of the Laws of Physics', and then go home to their comfy lives.  No 'solution' proposed by them ever works.  I find it amazing that there is no memory of anything, and they go onto the next thing.

When the first bit of physics is funded again, we will realize that carbon doesn't do anything in a convective atmosphere.  Law of Physics.  Then we will go on to reasonable alternatives for the next generation of car.

One day the media will ask 'What law of physics are they breaking today?'  But I won't hold my breath.

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