Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Sun Also Rises

 We are now entering the Northern Hemisphere summer.  That's when the sun becomes a powerful force in stagnant weather.  In Toronto, we go from -10C at night, to +5 in the day.  Tremendous power.  The sunshine on my dog walks lifts my spirits.

It also tells us that the earth can rid itself of all sun heat in a day on continents.  The only heat persistence comes from bodies of open water.  

We are stagnant.  

The Arctic spills are surrounding us.  That darn Gulf Stream waggle gives the UK warm weather.  Californians should remember that a mere plume does not a storm make.  You need that good hunk of cold coming down.

This is the Arctic daily plot.  You can see we had our heating event and the temp is going down like a rock.  I'm sure that will give us a long heating season, as defined by heating degree days.  

The tropics are settling down, as shown in the video where I outlined 2016.  The gap is narrowing, but this slight rise doesn't seem to have much energy, as the Arctic is in a record drop.

This is just a report of the obscure Cult of the Scientific Method.

ps, the maple tree evolved to take advantage of this tremendous day/night temperature contrast.

By increasing the sugar content, the tree is a heat pipe that thaws the earth around it faster than other trees.  

pps.  Dear Sir, thank you about your inquiry to join the Cult of the Scientific Method (COSM).  However, cosm is an oxymoron, or non-sequitur.  We are thinking of starting up Fans of COSM for financial considerations, just like FIS, fans of influencer science.  As with fis, the requirements are that you have never had an original thought in your life, and you are happy to throw your money around.  The mere thought that you could join by buying me a cup of coffee, is absurd.

more:  The Gulf Stream Waggle has caused the Arctic spills to go back to Asia and the Bering Straight.  Very sad.  We did have our one predicted huge Arctic spill before the waggle.  Indications are that it may be waggling back south, hence the Arctic temp dive, or that is the indication, so it's all circular.

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