Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Fun with earthquakes - Part 2


That's it.  All the physics for earthquakes is at the point of contact of two quartz crystals.  

In order to keep their jobs, all the earthquake people will tell you traditional stories.  About plate tectonics, giant faults, etc.  Although all the physics is at that contact, there is a heck of a lot of physics.

All of the earthquake money in California is zoomed in on their faults.  This is tradition from the big study of the 1906 earthquake that started the USGS.  They can no more abandon their origins than you can.  This is their existence.  In fact, the whole world is tied up with institutions and their traditions.  That's because all money for science comes from politicians and the need to be popular.  We cannot entertain original thought, unless there is a disaster.  Then all the money goes into forensic hind sight, and head-rolling.

It also all comes down to water, and I was about to continue to bitch about the lack of the Scientific Method, and no original thought, when I saw this.

The article is an empty AI husk, but the concept of going down to the electronic interaction is fantastic!  We need that modelling for earthquakes.

- to be continued by dribs and drabs.  My time window for original thought is decreasing.  If I try to do it outside my morning hours, I get tremendous pain (imaginary).  So, bear with me.

ps.  I only find original thought in the science porn articles, about 2 times a year.

pps.  I am stopping, simply because I can't get around the 'Sacred Truths' of the us-gus.  We can wait for the next earthquake, and it won't follow any of their truths, but they will be able to easily talk around it.

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