Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Fun with earthquakes - Part 1

 I've stopped reading the news.  I just doom scroll the headlines, and then imagine the story.  It is much less disappointing than reading the AI-written trash.  

So, I am writing from my back-catalogue.  Our world Stupidity Cycle has a while to go yet, so I'll talk about earthquakes.  That is in a massive peak of stupidity, and will only be cured by the next big earthquake.

I start with my hypothesis that everywhere on the Earth is exposed to the exact same earthquake risk.  The concept of 'Earthquake Risk' is different from 'Earthquake Hazard'.  To explain, we have to dip into one major stupidity.

That's the issue on how we rate earthquakes.  For most of our history, it has been stories.  Tales of destruction, etc.  Those stories still go on, and there is no place for the Scientific Method, it is all 'tradition', and controlled by influencers who need to make money.  Just like the weather people, we have a holy priesthood, kept in business by jargon.  Once again, in order to not get all these people all huffy, we will talk about 'alternate universes'.  Mine is the obscure 'Cult of the SM', something that will never appear on your local tikkytok.

Why do we have earthquakes?  The surface of the Earth moves a lot, and every single piece of bedrock (not the top crumble) is stressed by the energy of this motion.  The crust moves by the power of convection, a most powerful force, ignored by the influencers.  People forget that the earth would be quite happy just deforming like a jelly roll, it doesn't need earthquakes when quiet strain would be sufficient.  The fact of earthquakes is quite a different thing altogether.

- to be continued

ps.  I may or may not continue this.

pps.  Ha, who am I kidding?  I'm not opening up another front against a power group.  And I had a lot of original thought pouring out.  But, original thought is the enemy of all established powers.  That's why we don't see it any more.  

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