Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Doomers go to the Atlantic now

 The temperature anomaly plot of the ocean temperatures is one of those things that you should be careful about.  It does not reflect the actual temperatures, and is normally used as an indicator.  However, the poor thing has been abused lately.

Nooa did the bad thing, and made it a big issue to prove 'El Nino'.  It promptly did its thing and vanished.  That's the problem, the anomaly map has no physics, it is just a construct.

Now we are happy to get the whole doom thing with the Atlantic.  The Pacific is cold, and is no longer newsworthy.  

The Atlantic belt has about 10% of the heat energy of the Pacific, if they are both at the top of their game.  I have never seen anything in the Atlantic affect the world temperatures.  It is all motion in the Pacific.  The currents in the Atlantic just slosh back and forth, and there is such a small space between the points of S. Am and Africa.  To make this a doomer story is a stretch of the desperate.  

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