Saturday, June 29, 2019

The fish have all left the lake

So on the May long weekend, the fish were jumping into the boat.  We got stuffed on splake, then the weekend after, the neighbour family realized they liked splake.  I thought that was an absolute horror, since when would I get fish?  However, after that he got skunked all the time.  He can't catch a thing.

The lake is jam-packed with fish, but sometimes they get lots to eat.  So you can't catch anything.  I got two nibbles the other day.  Yeah!

Nice weather, not really that hot, but the water is still ice.  We only have a month to get really hot weather, then its back to winter.  Yuck.

ps  on the long weekend I caught a small bass to throw back.  Someone on the lake caught one of the 30 pound monster lakers.  Took him 30 minutes to bring it in. 

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