Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Europe plumes are an absolute mess

It's neat that all the heat energy for Europe and the UK are in these plumes.  But what a mess!  In the old days when the Gulf Stream was a thing, the plumes would go straight to the UK, bringing lots of warmth.  But now, who knows?

The UK tabloids keep predicting a huge heat wave, and the next day they forget about it.  No heat wave coming, sorry boys.  I hope you get July, at least.  Otherwise, it is cold and rainy all time.

There were also some really good plumes coming up from Africa, making most of Europe extremely hot in the summer.  I don't see them yet.  

The plumes are also all over the Arctic in a swirly mess.  The conditions there are generally warm, and, yes, the Arctic ice is melting, along with the Greenland glaciers.  That's what all the news headlines are saying.  It's freakin SUMMER! 

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